LADIES FRENCH NIGHTSTAND - before and after bedside tables

When I was young my mother 
wallpapered a feature wall in our 
bathroom with something that looked
like newsprint. It was the first thing
you saw when you walked in and it was 
always there to look at and read if you
had the chance to stay awhile. There
were parisienne Can Can dancers and 
theater ads. 

There was also images of household goods for sale like a
 new iron that would revolutionize your life. It was all very 
worldly to a small child and I will never forget those images.

I found a wrapping paper that reminded me of that wallpaper
and I bought it for nostalgia. It turns out it looks good lining
 drawers and I used some for the inside of this little nightstand.

BEFORE                            AFTER

The long legs I custom fit for this makeover were salvaged 
from a broken down chair left on the road side. I had to do a
 lot of work to save them and even more work to fit them
 securely to this cabinet. In the end George thought it cam
 that way. WINK
The paint color is AS Old White and it has been distressed
 with a 220 grit sand paper. To finish it off and give it some
 protection I waxed the paint with Annie Sloan's wax.
I have a short waxing video available to watch here:



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