HOW I UPHOLSTER CORNERS - foot stool video

There are plenty of upholstery tutorials on the web but I definitely still get asked how I do the corners
when I upholster. I am not professionally trained, I learned
over years what works for me
and what doesn't.

1. prep frame      2. cut foam    3. cut batting

you can click on each of these photos for a
larger image if you need to see better details

4. cut fabric

I cut my fabric 1 inch bigger than the
batting so I can fold the edge under before I staple.  

I have uploaded 2 short videos taken while doing the corner
 upholstery on a stool. If you have trouble viewing this video
 try using an alternate browser like Google Chrome.


I hope that takes some of the mystery and fear out of getting
 that straight and clean looking corner. Here are a few still 
photos for you as well. The one thing you might be asking is 
about the fabric  underneath, in a lot of cases I like to do a
 quick layer of cotton drop cloth then I apply the top layer
 of fabric. It makes all the difference when using burlap as 
well an additional layer softens the upholstery. The process is
 the same with both layers I just use less staples on the first.


In case you wanted a bit more, I have a second video showing the
 other corner being finished. If you have trouble viewing this video
 try using an alternate browser like Google Chrome.


I finished the edge by hot gluing trim over the line of staples. 


Tips for building your own foot stool can found here:

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