This is how it happens ...
I was at the drug store early one morning and as I
passed by the magazine rack I found a new magazine
jumped into my basket. For me a new magazine means
shutting out the world and enjoying some quiet time in
a comfy chair. When I arrived home and unpacked my
bag I decided to get into that chair and started flipping
through the new magazine. That's the moment it happened,
I flipped to the next page and saw some vintage foot stools
that I adored and then the whole plan came into my head
how to make my own.

All the wood parts I used had been salvaged from different furniture pieces.
To build the frames I used thick 1" plywood and vintage tapered legs. 


Plywood is strong and thick plywood can take a lot of weight (above right)

The legs were attached either with threaded metal plates screwed to the plywood or
they were bolted through the plywood making the legs permanent once upholstered.


I also added decorative pieces between the permanent legs I bolted in place.

More about the upholstery and the stencilling in a coming article.


Next time you see a little set of legs at a yard sale 
or thrift store think twice before you pass by.

How I upholstered these stools can be read here:

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