What would you do with a large collection
of old furniture legs? I have a huge stockpile
of tapered furniture legs that continues to grow
because I didn't know what to do with it.
I've run across different projects on Pinterest
but none really got me excited. Finally a
magazine article changed that and I found
myself consumed with an idea and I went
straight to my work room and got started.

It was brilliant!
I'm in need of a footstool or two around the house, who isn't. And what a great way to give a new
life to these simple old legs. I also have plenty of wood scraps to build the stool from.


I've built several so far!
My favorite is the GOTTINGEN burlap stool you can see above left, it goes perfectly with my painted leather chair.
I created a homemade stencil for that one and the No 3 stool below.
 If you would like to make your own homemade stencil, instructions can be found here:


The rest of the graphics were done with professional stencils from the The Passionate Home. My
 favorite part of most projects is the building process but I have to say I did have a great deal of fun
 stencilling these stools and I still have a few more to do.

Next time I will share some tips how I built my stools with scraps from old furniture,
and I will do my best to write an article about working with the stencils and maybe some upholstery.

Some of these stools are available for sale
My shopping bag is NFS.

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