SHABBY CHIC BOYS CABINET - tips for a masculine cabinet

Easter is just around the corner and as a child my Grandfather
loved to make elaborate scavenger hunts with hidden notes
and mysterious riddles for my sister and I. He had us running
back and forth hunting over at least an acre of land looking
for the next clue cause we knew there was one huge chocolate
easter egg at the end and it was filled with more goodies.
For me it was more like winning a trophy than an actual
Easter hunt and I wanted to display my prize for everyone
to see.

I know a young man who displays all the things he loves and
it became my job to build a cabinet that he could use to display his treasures on.


Being that this was for a boy's room in a white shabby chic home I had to be creative with the
 finished look. I used heavy distressing over dark finishes and I stuck to thicker large shapes to
 keep the piece feeling masculine. I also used industrial gate hardware to aid in that manly feel,
 it was painted flat black and screwed in from the front. No pretty glass knobs or provincial 
handles to get karate chopped in this boys room.


The base cabinet was something I purchased at a thrift store. I cleaned it up,
filled the old hardware holes and painted it in ASCP Old White.

I build the upper portion using old house doors, reclaimed lumber for the shelves,
stair spindles down the front, and an antique vanity mirror base topped it off.
Word has it that it is currently loaded with NINJA TURTLES.

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  1. A beautiful job!!! I really love this piece.

  2. Anonymous26 March

    I really like how you got the more rustic elements to blend with the curves & turns - well done!

    I also grew up with elaborate treasure-hunts at Easter! I thought it was just my family, but I wonder now if it was 'a thing'? My folks were likely the same age as your grandfather - maybe it was an activity of the frugal years of economic hardship and war? We never had chocolate, tho - it wasn't allowed - but there was usually some item of spring clothing, like a bathing suit, as we lived close to the sea.

    Aren't Ninja Turtles officially vintage yet? It's been years. My son was so dismayed to realize they were named after Renaissance Painters! :-)




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