I frankensteined a chest of drawers with a little table and created a lovely chest high cabinet. The
 table was a project I did for myself years ago and the drawers were storage in my mudroom for a time.

I turned the 3 drawer chest upside down mounting it to the table, and then added a fourth drawer.

Above you can see the area that use to be the bottom kick plate. I had a lonely single drawer that
 was the perfect fit for the space. Sometimes being a wood furniture hoarder comes in handy.

I used a couple of decorative knobs and lined the new drawer in a red damask wrapping paper.

She's been painted in a distressed creamy white and some amazing handles installed.
I've had these 3 handles for several years waiting for the perfect project.

I used lots of different pieces of molding to trim the cabinet and took photos so
I could write a tutorial on how to hide your finishing nails. Watch for that soon.

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I love to wax black paint!
I love to wax black paint!
I really really do!
I hope if I say it enough it might make it true ... WINK

I built this black bookshelf above with many different pieces including the 2 side tables seen below.

The front legs are harp arms from a vintage mirror, and the top and trim pieces are
 all from one coffee table, and a few scraps of wood for shelving in the middle.

To build the top shelving I used some Ikea bed frame bits and a stair rail post.

I painted it in ASCP Graphite and dark wax. I do not apply clear wax at all.

 I apply the dark wax with fine woodworkers steel wool. The steel wool smooth's my finish and I can use it all the way through the process, applying, removing, and most of the buffing. The process is slightly different and I would describe it more like I am sanding the entire surface with the steel wool and using the wax as a lubricant. The wax can't really build up when you are using something coarse like the wool. I do polish the top with paper towel or a soft cloth for the final step.

Black finishes are the trickiest to deal with. They show every flaw in the paint, collect and show
dust 10x more than other colors, and finger prints and wipe marks are always seen on glossy surfaces.

  **woodworkers have used fine steel wool for decades to refine their finishes **

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I replaced the whole front with 2 doors I had on hand. The door I replaced will be saved for another project down the line. Below you can see some of the extra framing needed to fit the new doors.

The typography art was created with reversed vinyl letters.
I made them myself with the printer and a pair of scissors. No fancy Silhouette machines here!
I created the arched effect in Word Art and taped the arched line with green tape for the painting.
The graphic is available here:

I used Martha Steward Craft Paints in a color called WEDDING CAKE and sprayed it with my paint
 gun. The paint is available at Michaels and it adheres to multi surfaces including glass and is available in any color you can imagine.


A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.

druggist - chemist - pharmacist - dispenser

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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This is one of my favorite types of projects to work on. Something passed on to me from
someone who knows no matter how bad it looks believes I can turn it into
something fabulous. And this desk did come out looking amazing so keep reading.

This secretary had stickers on it, screws in it, ink stains, drawers that didn't work,
but the largest problem was one drawer was missing the whole corner.

My solution was .... get rid of the drawer.
I moved the bottom drawer into the top hole and altered the frame.

 I repositioned the front kick board up and cut the side panel back to the rear legs.
Check out the photo above for details.
I put new legs on the front that just happened to be the exact length I needed.
If they had been shorter I could have cut the back legs to match the length.
Here she is standing up again with two drawers and new legs.
The inside of the top was also a big challenge to deal with. It had floor tiles stuck to the work surface,
 melted wax to remove, holes that needed fill, and the piano hinge that held the fold down was
 bent and missing screws. All of which I fixed but it took a lot of time and patience.
WD-40 is great for removing stickers and adhesive. Be sure to wash the area with soap and water after
using it. WD-40 is an oil based product that will cause water based paint to react funny on the surface.

Here she is all painted and put back together with new drawer pulls.

I hope this will get you thinking about your options for saving wood furniture from the landfill.
Here's the before and after ....
Stop in to see what's available at firstfinds.
1000's of pieces of recycled furniture and cabinet hardware to choose from

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This is a photo taken in my dressing room of two stacked dressers.
I really enjoy these dressers and many have asked about them after seeing them in the
background of some recently posted photos. To get the storage I needed I stacked them. It's
 not common to find a pair of identical vintage dressers so I took advantage of the opportunity.

Here is what they looked like when I brought them home. They were a real mess.

I stripped everything off the tops to find this beautiful soft wood ...

and I didn't stop there. I stripped almost every other surface on both dressers.
I did not use chemicals on these I sanded them with power tools.

I gave both dressers a white wash and added cast iron plaques to the drawers
so that I can label the drawers using chalk.
The top drawer was too high to use as a drawer so I turned it into a hinged door.


I left a little strip of the original paint on the drawer edges cause I liked the rustic feel of it.

It has been years since I fixed these up for the dressing room and I still love them to this day.
Not fancy but super chic!

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