I love to wax black paint!
I love to wax black paint!
I really really do!
I hope if I say it enough it might make it true ... WINK
I built this black bookshelf above with many different pieces including the 2 side tables seen below.
The front legs are harp arms from a vintage mirror, and the top and trim pieces are
 all from one coffee table, and a few scraps of wood for shelving in the middle.
To build the top shelving I used some Ikea bed frame bits and a stair rail post.
I painted it in ASCP Graphite and dark wax. I do not apply clear wax at all.
 I apply the dark wax with fine woodworkers steel wool. The steel wool smooth's my finish and I can use it all the way through the process, applying, removing, and most of the buffing. The process is slightly different and I would describe it more like I am sanding the entire surface with the steel wool and using the wax as a lubricant. The wax can't really build up when you are using something coarse like the wool. I do polish the top with paper towel or a soft cloth for the final step.

Black finishes are the trickiest to deal with. They show every flaw in the paint, collect and show
dust 10x more than other colors, and finger prints and wipe marks are always seen on glossy surfaces.

  **woodworkers have used fine steel wool for decades to refine their finishes **

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