LEARNING TO LET GO - gothic sideboard

I learned about letting go of things years ago when I purged most of my belongings after a divorce.
 It felt so good and the few things I kept I only hung onto for living purposes. Like the bed to sleep in
 and a desk with chair to work at. It only hurt while I thought about letting the stuff go, once it is was
 gone it didn't matter. And it's not really hurt but a feeling of anxiety. This weekend I've had that
 same anxiety again committing to letting go of a piece I cherish. For some reason it would seem
 this piece is different and it's taken a few days to come to terms with the decision.
I'm selling my wonderful white washed gothic sideboard. I know crazy huh!
It has a warm creamy finish and lots of storage.
The center door has a mesh panel that you can display things behind but not have to clean.
This is all vintage solid wood with carved design, no appliques. I spent some good money on
the piece years ago before digging her out of someone's basement . Word to the wise, dig it out first,
then negotiate the price.
I refinished her for my TV to sit on,
but now the TV is resting on something else I love just as much.
The new piece works better for my space, it is not as long taking up less space, the cat loves
walking under it and there is a floor vent that will be a more efficient now that it is uncovered.
I promise I will miss you gothic sideboard ...


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