A DESK WITH A BEFORE & AFTER - chocolate tuxedo desk

I put together a new before and after photo to share a desk I finished.
BEFORE                                              AFTER
 I know a desk was not in the list of upcoming projects early this week and I never know how these
pieces creep their way into the process but no matter the desk is here and looking quite dapper.
The body is painted in a distressed creamy white, it has vintage industrial pulls added,
and the drawer faces are the original rich chocolate stain with a wax finish.

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HOW TO PAINT BAR STOOLS - farmhouse white kitchen decor

A good bar stool is hard to find!
If you have some chairs you love
but they just need an update with
paint I hope the steps I took might help you to redo yours. All the information in this article can
be used on regular dining chairs
as well.

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The weather here has been amazing so I have been busy cleaning the outdoor work space.
It takes time to move from indoors to out and visa versa.

I've started many new projects with the nice weather, including more nightstands, a coffee table,
some bar stools, a vintage record table, and a pub table. I do not recommend having several projects
 on the go cause you tend not to finish any in a timely fashion, and the same is happening to me. I just
 managed to finish the chest on chest I purchased in February, but that was more to do with the
right color choices than time. I hope you like the ASCP Coco on the drawer faces cause I sure
didn't like the whole dresser painted white, it was like a giant Michelin Man for your bedroom.

I changed the hardware to these french provincial handles that I sprayed in white.
Always be sure to clean your hardware with warm soapy water before painting. 


Have you stopped into firstfinds hardware store lately?
Here are just some of the items available for your projects.

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CURBSIDE to COATRACK - shabby chic hall tree

I was inspired by this photograph I found on Pinterest
and wanted to try to make something similar. I love to
create furniture pieces from my stash of unique wood
bits I find in all manner of places. This one was going
to be a little tougher as this was the only photo I could
find to work from.
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Don't wait until this happens .......
I recently saw this french provincial table on the road side in horrible condition,
I was gutted! It was long past the point of salvaging, 3 legs completely rotten, and so much
 filth and damage to the rest of the table.
Starting a DIY project your self is really easy, the first step is to get up and go start.
Yes it is that simple and you know it. It doesn't have to big or elaborate but it has to be
something you have wanted to try.
My good friend Jen over at Jentiques recently wrote about procrastination when it came to her project
 list. But I'll tell you she does get up and get start more often than not and the results make her, her
 family, and her customers very happy.
My first furniture work shop was enlightening when one of the ladies told me that she
just wanted permission, permission to paint furniture.
It came as some what of a shock to me but I suppose I also understood. I am sure once upon a time I
 went through those feelings but the rewards of all my DIY accomplishments have hidden away any
 insecurities I might have originally gone through.
My main goal to writing this blog is to get you up and get you started on your own projects,
and some of you have report back to me that you are starting, and I thank you for letting me know.
I'm happy to report my next DIY project has started ...


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MY INSPIRATION - bedroom hanger

INSPIRATION                                      MY CREATION
The inspiration for my CURBSIDE TO COAT RACK (right) was this amazingly beautiful
photo (left) I found on pinterest. I'd like to link to it however it was one of those photos used
to directly you to another unrelated advertising site.
As you can see from the inspiration photo this is definitely something that can be used in a bedroom
not just as a formal hall tree for coats.
Formal viewing of my coat rack is tonight April 18, 2013 ...
If you are local you can view my hall tree along with the other
upcycled art at the Langley Arts Council gallery exhibit
6:30 – 9:30pm 20550 Fraser Highway

More information can be found at the Township of Langley Web site

Don't forget to stop into Firstfinds Etsy to see all the new shabby chic handles.

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Last week I worked on my top secret entry for the local
In honour of Earth Day, the Township of Langley and the Langley Arts Council are hosting an
  Upcycling Design Challenge. Langley residents are invited to submit an original and creative
piece made from found or recovered materials. 'Upcycling’ involves taking waste material that would
 otherwise end up in our landfills and turning it into something more valuable. The Upcycling Design
 Challenge aims to remind people that, with a little creativity, what was old can be new again—
perhaps even better than it once was!

This is my entry ......
This *Curbside to Coatrack* creation includes over 9 different pieces
from various discarded furniture items.

Can you tell me what items you can see?
Let's have some fun and I want to
see how far out of the box I have you guys really thinking.
Leave your guess' in the comments below, send me an email, or even
write me over on the facebook page.
Click each photo below for a larger view.



The answers can be found here:

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ENJOYING PINTEREST - oak bedside drawers

Looking through Pinterest for inspiration and seeing my own photos pop up is a blast,
but I think I enjoy reading the comments added to my pictures even more.
It helps me focus on what extra information folks might be looking for.
This image of our bedside nightstands is a big hit over at Pinterest.

One comment added to the photo reads ...
"I would love to do that with a nightstand I have,
but it would have to have some really strong support; it is heavy!
Also, I think it would be too tall to use comfortably."

I've just finished 2 similar bedside drawers this past week and I'll tell you they are both very heavy.
The legs used to raise them up are secured with glue and screws and if your install is thought
out and executed well there would be no issue.

Here is a link to an article I wrote with some photos of a leg install:

Remember I use vintage pieces to build with
so typically made of hardwood these legs have been around for years already and are still going strong.

The particular legs I used for my bedside drawers were taken from elaborate dining chairs,
I personally like to have my bedsides surfaces higher than my mattress.

 The legs below are shorter and are both different lengths,
so there are options as to how tall you lift your nightstands.

Here is another link to an article and photos of where these legs can be salvaged from:


if we have any shabby chic hardware for your next project.



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