CURBSIDE to COATRACK - shabby chic hall tree

I was inspired by this photograph I found on Pinterest
and wanted to try to make something similar. I love to
create furniture pieces from my stash of unique wood
bits I find in all manner of places. This one was going
to be a little tougher as this was the only photo I could
find to work from.

Here is my finished version of this beautiful shabby chic coat rack.


I'm also proud to say my CURBSIDE TO COATRACK took third place in Langley's

Now it's time to detail how or what I used to build it from.
I did my best to make sure everything was free or found.

#1 Top front of a hutch (roadside)

#2 Sides to the same hutch (roadside)

#3 Old solid interior door (roadside)

#4 Metal Light Sconces (free)

#5 Side mirror supports from an antique dressing vanity (roadside)

#6 Side Table drop leaf (roadside)

# 7 Chandelier parts (roadside)

# 8 Stair Tread (roadside)

#9 Antique oak chair arms (roadside)

Here is an in progress construction photo that should help to identify things a little more.

My friend Catherine at Freddy and Petunia is doing something very similar go have a peak:

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