Don't wait until this happens .......
I recently saw this french provincial table on the road side in horrible condition,
I was gutted! It was long past the point of salvaging, 3 legs completely rotten, and so much
 filth and damage to the rest of the table.
Starting a DIY project your self is really easy, the first step is to get up and go start.
Yes it is that simple and you know it. It doesn't have to big or elaborate but it has to be
something you have wanted to try.
My good friend Jen over at Jentiques recently wrote about procrastination when it came to her project
 list. But I'll tell you she does get up and get start more often than not and the results make her, her
 family, and her customers very happy.
My first furniture work shop was enlightening when one of the ladies told me that she
just wanted permission, permission to paint furniture.
It came as some what of a shock to me but I suppose I also understood. I am sure once upon a time I
 went through those feelings but the rewards of all my DIY accomplishments have hidden away any
 insecurities I might have originally gone through.
My main goal to writing this blog is to get you up and get you started on your own projects,
and some of you have report back to me that you are starting, and I thank you for letting me know.
I'm happy to report my next DIY project has started ...


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