ENJOYING PINTEREST - oak bedside drawers

Looking through Pinterest for inspiration and seeing my own photos pop up is a blast,
but I think I enjoy reading the comments added to my pictures even more.
It helps me focus on what extra information folks might be looking for.
This image of our bedside nightstands is a big hit over at Pinterest.

One comment added to the photo reads ...
"I would love to do that with a nightstand I have,
but it would have to have some really strong support; it is heavy!
Also, I think it would be too tall to use comfortably."

I've just finished 2 similar bedside drawers this past week and I'll tell you they are both very heavy.
The legs used to raise them up are secured with glue and screws and if your install is thought
out and executed well there would be no issue.

Here is a link to an article I wrote with some photos of a leg install:

Remember I use vintage pieces to build with
so typically made of hardwood these legs have been around for years already and are still going strong.

The particular legs I used for my bedside drawers were taken from elaborate dining chairs,
I personally like to have my bedsides surfaces higher than my mattress.

 The legs below are shorter and are both different lengths,
so there are options as to how tall you lift your nightstands.

Here is another link to an article and photos of where these legs can be salvaged from:


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