Last week I worked on my top secret entry for the local
In honour of Earth Day, the Township of Langley and the Langley Arts Council are hosting an
  Upcycling Design Challenge. Langley residents are invited to submit an original and creative
piece made from found or recovered materials. 'Upcycling’ involves taking waste material that would
 otherwise end up in our landfills and turning it into something more valuable. The Upcycling Design
 Challenge aims to remind people that, with a little creativity, what was old can be new again—
perhaps even better than it once was!

This is my entry ......
This *Curbside to Coatrack* creation includes over 9 different pieces
from various discarded furniture items.

Can you tell me what items you can see?
Let's have some fun and I want to
see how far out of the box I have you guys really thinking.
Leave your guess' in the comments below, send me an email, or even
write me over on the facebook page.
Click each photo below for a larger view.



The answers can be found here:

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