SECOND HAND FURNITURE LEGS - tiffany blue dresser

The last item I purchased was a brown woodland vintage chair, that was horrible to look at but it was going to be useful.

I bought it to share how all the sculptural pieces of wood could be reused in different ways.

I used the arms of the chair as front legs on a 4 drawer maple
 dresser that was sitting flat on the floor when I purchased it
 second hand.

I have already written an article about adding the chair legs
 to a bedside cabinet which you can catch up on here:

Always remember to think out side of the box,
when something isn't desirable as a whole, concentrate
on the parts that attracted you to it.

This Tiffany Blue and White dresser has an antique finish
 using distressing, dark wax, and some other paint techniques.


I used vintage hardware and took photos for a tutorial on
 what to do when your mounting screws are too short.
That will come out later this week.

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