FUN WITH PHOTOGRAPHY - french coffee table

This solid maple table was painted with
10 min dry EXCEL spray paint in Oyster Grey.

It's a beautiful color and the paint provides a
 remarkable hard, durable, and professional finish.
Unfortunetly it is hard to find and has a
very strong odor when first applied.

The view is amazing!

For more pieces finished in white:

I'm sharing the view at:
SAS InteriorsFurniture Feature Fridays

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A BARN GEM - white washed dove grey table

The neighbors had a yard sale early this month,
and of course we scurried over to take a peek.

This little guy musta been hidden in their barn for a
 bit of time, but was now time for a new home


The only products I used to achieve this look were
primer, stain, and a finish wax.

If anyone would like to
 see a post on how I accomplished it let me know
 below and I'll be happy to write a tutorial
with photos I took during the project.
UPDATE: tutorial can be found here:

Joining the ladys at:
SAS Interiors

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TABLES - driftwood furniture

Today is the 3rd installment of
driftwood furniture I use to build.


This is the very first table I built, order by my
 brother-in-law along with 2 chairs. They were gifts
 for his sister and her family.
I was very proud!

I built many of these coffee table benches.
They were strong enough to be extra seating.

We nicknamed this grouping *KINGS COURT*

Here are a few indoor tables that were completed.

These glass topped coffee tables have a
2" deep display area under the hinged lid.



The finally for the 3rd installment is

the *MUSHROOM* set.
Isn't it adorable! Most of the time when a project
 leaves my hands I'm very content. For me it is
 about the journey not the destination. However
 having this destination in the front yard under the
 willow tree was an escape I'll always remember.

To see the other installments:

Benches can be seen here

Chairs can be seen here

If you're eager for more
we have a misc. installment found here,
which includes this and more.

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