VINTAGE FURNITURE REPAIRS - broken drawer joints

Recently I worked on a buffet that needed
major repairs. I photographed most of it
to share how I fixed each problem.
I'm hoping it can help a few of you to
take on a repair or two of your own.

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VINTAGE FURNITURE REPAIRS - saggy drawer bottoms

I took on a furniture project recently that turned
into about 8 hours of wood working repairs.
I photographed a lot of it so I could share it
with you and how I fixed each problem.
Let's start with the first problem ....

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Hello February 2017,
and Hello readers!

I took it slow in January and did not blog. Boxing
day I injury myself to the point it was hard to do
many tasks so that set the tone for awhile. I started
puttering around the house as most of use do in
January getting things organized again and finishing
off old tasks. It was all at a much slower pace than
usual but I still got a lot accomplished.
Check it out ...

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