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Annie Sloan creator of the infamous paint I use so much of was here in Vancouver during
the Vancouver Home & Design Show earlier in October. My painted leather chair was also
making an appearance at the same show and in the same booth.
We made our way to the show to see the ladies from TPH and meet with Annie. An unexpected treat
 for us was to meet her husband David. We did get to chat for some time before everyone had to get
 on with their day. Annie still had an interview and a demo later that afternoon and we had many
 stops to make on our way back into the valley. We were able to send a little something home with
 Annie, one of George's man made candles.

With so much going on this month I'm happy to report I have even been able to get some work done
on furniture. I started painting and fixing this little dresser months ago. I saw this ballerina graphic
used on a dresser at the Luckett's Spring Market and knew I was going to use it one day.
This dresser is smaller than it looks but looks even cuter in person. I used antique brass drop pulls on the drawers and double bun feet underneath. The color is a creamy white (50-50 old white & pure white) and it is distressed with a hand waxed finish.


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Last weeks Charity Auction was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out
to attend the event. The evening brought over $4000 in donations for the Langley Christmas Bureau.

My chair went up for live auction and made $250 on it's own.
Many of you have been asking how you can get involved next year. If you want to create a chair,
get involved with some advertising, or be helpful in some other way simply email The Passionate


I painted a chair in an aqua blue and upholstered it with this teahouse script fabric. 


Lastly for today I want to share some helpful information for a
question I get asked about often ...

I have an old dresser that smells to high
 heaven of old wood. What do you suggest I
use to get the old wood smell off the piece?
 My hubby suggested I use bleach water. I
thought to use Simple Green or Murphy's Oil
 soap. Your help is appreciated.
Wood absorbs odors so washing the surface doesn't usually help.

The best way to combat the smell is to expose the wood to the
sunshine. Take the drawers out and let it sun bath for a couple of days.

If the sun isn't shining these days in your neck of the woods,
waxing (sealing it in) is another option. This includes waxing all
the interior surfaces.

Just brush the wax on when you do inside and let it dry. No
removing the excess or buffing.

Having a pretty smelling soap in each drawer or taping a fabric
softener to the drawer back can help mask the smell if you want to
 wait for the sun.


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Today is the big day ...
photo taken by Steve Hayek Photography 
Chairs for Charity auction with all proceeds going to the LANGLEY CHRISTMAS BUREAU.
I shared many photos of the donated chairs the other day but I made sure to save a few
for this last reminder / plea to come out and be generous and start the holiday season off with a bang.

Frostings has not only created a French Chair but will also be offering some treats at the event tonight.

Everyone has worked really hard to make this event a huge success especially
Steve Hayek Photography .  Above you can see Steve working on a photo shoot right in the store.

The chairs are all on display through out The Passionate Home
6:30pm tonight is when the mingling starts. Remember you can go into the store during the day
to place silent auction bids. Half of the chairs are silent auction and the other half are up for
live bids tonight at 7:15pm.
Silent auction chairs typically have an opening bid of $50.
You will receive a tax receipt for any amount you pay over that opening bid. This is for
charity so please be generous and invite friends and family to the event.
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013
Where: The Passionate Home
20506 Fraser Hwy., Langley
When: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Click over to my Facebook page to see a before and after of my donated chair:
See you all tonight!


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I'm excited to sleep in my bed every time we put fresh crisp clean bedding on.
And that is usually once a week. I have a soft bright white duvet and many
different duvet covers that fit perfectly over it.

 I have fun mixing and matching sheets with the covers.

The theme changes though out the year as the seasons change. My British Flag
bedding comes out during the winter.

Tomorrow is the Chairs for Charity event hope to see you there.

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CHARITY AUCTION THIS THURSDAY - pics of the donated chairs

For those who don't know what Chairs for Charity is all about here is a brief explanation:
"Anyone" including bloggers, store owner, designs and the like who wanted to donate and be apart of the seasons festivities was invited to recreate a chair to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the
The third annual Chairs for Charity is just days away now at The Passionate Home.
The silent auctioning actually starts Tuesday in store and runs until Thursday night.
Some of the chairs will be live auctioned and some are silent auctioned.
The live auction starts Thursday Night.
What is so special about this year's chairs is the photo shoots each chair gets to partake in.
Steve Hayek Photography has taken each chair to a unique location to showcase them in a special way.
There is a total of 22 chairs donated this year. Here are 15 that STEVE photographed and
that you will be able to bid on locally here in Langley, British Columbia. Sorry to those
who don't live locally and have been asking if they can take part if the auction.
All chairs are currently on display at The Passionate Home. 12 of the chairs will be available through
 silent auction bids. Bidding on these chairs opens on Tuesday, October 22nd at 1:00pm and closes on
 Thursday, October 24th at 7:00pm. People are invited into The Passionate Home during store hours
on those days to see if the chair they want is available through silent auction and to place their bids.
And look at these two adorable kid's chairs ...

Each chair typically has an open bid of $50. You will receive a tax receipt for any amount you pay
 over that $50. This is for charity so please be generous and invite friends and family to the event.
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013
Where: The Passionate Home
20506 Fraser Hwy., Langley
When: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
The top 10 chairs go on the live auction block at 7:15pm on
Thursday, October 24th. Guests will enjoy beverages and
treats from Frosting Cup Cakery.

Can't wait to see you all and the support from the community!


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I'm always in the market for a piece of furniture that has been abused. Not ever DIY'er likes to repair
items or are comfortable with working with damage. In this case my night stand had quite a rough
surface from daily wear and tear. When you work with imperfections and want a vintage look
 highlight them, sand them more, help them stand out. That is where the character starts to show.

It is hard for each of us to see it as amazing because it is our own work. We were taught through out
our lives to color inside the lines yet today we covet those beautifully aged pieces be it authentic
age or reproduced by hand. It is all about breaking the rules.

Breaking the rules was the first thing I heard Annie Sloan talking about while she was on stage today
 at the Vancouver Home & Design show. We headed down town to meet up with the local stockist
and chat with Annie and hubby David while they are visiting beautiful British Columbia.

This chair Annie is sitting in was created for this weeks (Oct 24th) Chairs for Charity Auction. Like
 the creators using this colorful Annie Sloan fabric, I had fun working with the bright colors of
 the green jars I painted and sunflowers I used in my photo shoot so I ended up naming them

I added a cute vintage pair of cabriolet legs to the fronts of each cabinet. The basket where I keep
legs I find is getting very thinned out, I wasn't even sure I had these, but alas they were the perfect fit!!

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