FURNITURE MAKE OVERS - before and afters 2

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER photos from the furniture makeover weekend I haven't gotten
 around to showing yet. This event offered a place to work, access to a skilled professional (that's me)
 and like minded women to meet and share ideas with. I had a wonderful time meet with
 these different women and was honoured to work with them on their projects. They also had passed a
 thank you card around the class during the final day for every one to sign. The truth is I got whiff of it
 in advance and thank fully I did cause it's those darn things that will make me tear up when you
 catch me off guard. Please enjoy these pictures and take away some ideas and inspiration of what
 you can do. I'll start with this short dresser that was already converted into a blanket box. The drawer
faces were fixed in place and the top was hinged. Now there is a great idea!



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