Last weeks Charity Auction was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out
to attend the event. The evening brought over $4000 in donations for the Langley Christmas Bureau.

My chair went up for live auction and made $250 on it's own.
Many of you have been asking how you can get involved next year. If you want to create a chair,
get involved with some advertising, or be helpful in some other way simply email The Passionate


I painted a chair in an aqua blue and upholstered it with this teahouse script fabric. 


Lastly for today I want to share some helpful information for a
question I get asked about often ...

I have an old dresser that smells to high
 heaven of old wood. What do you suggest I
use to get the old wood smell off the piece?
 My hubby suggested I use bleach water. I
thought to use Simple Green or Murphy's Oil
 soap. Your help is appreciated.
Wood absorbs odors so washing the surface doesn't usually help.

The best way to combat the smell is to expose the wood to the
sunshine. Take the drawers out and let it sun bath for a couple of days.

If the sun isn't shining these days in your neck of the woods,
waxing (sealing it in) is another option. This includes waxing all
the interior surfaces.

Just brush the wax on when you do inside and let it dry. No
removing the excess or buffing.

Having a pretty smelling soap in each drawer or taping a fabric
softener to the drawer back can help mask the smell if you want to
 wait for the sun.


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  1. Anonymous28 October

    Wow - what a GREAT tip - I never even thought to ask ! We inherited a MASSIVE (reads: I'll never shift it again) armoir from a cigar-smoking uncle. Over the last 5 years, the smell has calmed down fairly well, but opening the doors still lets out a puff of tobacco (blech!). I'll definitely crack a can of Minwax wax and get to work on it before the holidays!

  2. Congratulations! Great tip and I am so happy your chair brought in such a nice amount!!!! xo Diana

  3. GREAT tip about the old wood smell. We inherited a 100 year old dresser that came with the house we just bought, and I WANT to use it, but was scared to let my daughter put her clothes in it. (And I love, love, love the aqua chairs!)

  4. I refinished a buffet for my son and daughter-in-law that came from a house that was "eau de kitty". I scrubbed the entire thing with Clorox and then vinegar water. Very clean smelling. But to take no chances, covered every orifice that wasn't painted with Tung oil. Absolutely no smell.

    I am working on a piece right now that smells like dirty socks. After cleaning well, still a lingering odor. Boiled some cinnamon and water and rubbed it on. WONDERFUL.


  5. Blue isn't my color, but that aqua blue tea chair is stunning! LOVE!




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