This is an old post that an avid follower found last week and inspired me to share it again.
It is written by George pre chalk paint.

I have been asked so many times...."What's it like living with Kristy"? So I asked to write this post.
Well, I could write a book but instead I will donate a brief chapter. deep thought

Her mind never stops. I can watch her thinking about a piece for hours/days - what to do with it, how
 to approach it, colour choices, embellishments, knobs, spray or hand paint. When all of the pieces of
 the puzzle fall into place (in her mind).....she's off like a shot and almost unstoppable until she
 completes the task. It is a really fun process to watch and I am always amazed with the results. I often
 wish I had that talent to vision artistic results.

Did you know she can paint other things as well?
She approaches every thing as though she is going to keep it. Numerous coats of primer and several
coats of finish paint. All of this after repairs and paint stripping. Talk about patience! And I don't have
 that kind of patience. I say to myself "just throw a coat of paint on it and sell it". But no....That is not
*Miss Do It Right's* mode of operation.

We've been together for 3 and a half years now.....second time for both of us. We made a promise that
 life will be easy and fun. It has been that and more. I have a mushy side

I really enjoy meeting Kristy's customers and followers. And if I brag a bit....well......I'm entitled and
 proud. Life with Kristy is an adventure in itself.

This is Kristy's daughter she is all dolled up here cause she was filming a movie when this was taken.
We are good friends and she thinks I am funny most of the time.
The 3 of us spend some really nice times together.

Here's Kat having a drink of water along side the always present paint brushes. She is the most
amazing animal I have ever met! She has been with Kristy for over 10yrs and has helped her thru
some very tough times. I had to stand up to Kat's approval when we were dating.

Holly (Kristy's one and only sister) and Me again.

These 2 sisters are very different but each share their strengths with the other.

Kristy is a lot like her father - very mechanically inclined.
It is interesting to see them talk, share ideas, and work together on something.

I love the fact that Kristy can do what she is passionate about and be close by. We are never far apart
and sometimes she asks me for an opinion. I always give it honestly even if I don't agree with her. We
 all have different views on what we like or what looks nice to our eyes....don't we? (I have learned
very quickly that interior decorating is not my strong point)

We have a few different interests but we support and respect each others. I can build a house (been
there, done that) but do not have the patience or talent for redoing furniture. I like some sports but
especially hockey and she has little interest. But....she has come to learn and watch some hockey with me.

I hope I have offered an insight into life with Kristy, if anything "life is never dull with Kristy".

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