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 Today Karen AKA Good Time Charlie from
is featuring the french pair I did last week.

Plz stop in to read the gracious comments Crystal from Mobile Home Living 
wrote while featuring OUR MOBILE HOME tour.

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MAGICAL TOUR - the urban gypsy

I'll give some insight into the photos you are looking at shortly.

Yesterday was quite the day.
We had a deliver to make to North Van,
(those who don't know that's a good hour away from home)

then to pick up several pieces of my finished work on Kingsway to bring back home.

I did some pedaling of my wares on the street corner.

Okay it wasn't totally like that but we did have 2 customers pick up pieces
as we were loading the van. 

And I want to thank those customers for saving us a bit of time, energy, and space.

But my favorite part of yesterday was dropping the Jack Dining Set off
at another store on our way back. (all these photos were taken there)

Jason, the store's proprietor and I have conversed via email for some time
and just before we left the house for the days adventures

He emailed asking if I wanted to bring the dining set in to display at his store.

Truth be told I didn't have to think on it too long,
the set was never going to get top billing in our small space,
and I welcomed the prospect of finally meeting Jason.

I didn't realize what I was getting myself into! (in a good way)
I was overwhelmed at how wonderfully welcoming he was to us
and complementary of my work.
After pulling me behind the counter to show me photos of a painting project he had done,
(in ASCP) he took us on the tour.
And what a tour it was!
He's incredibly knowledgeable about his inventory,
all of which is beautiful solid wood furniture hand carved and imported from India and Asia.

The first time around I didn't even think to take my camera out, I had to go back around a second
time to do that. No skin off my back I was thoughly enjoying the view everywhere I looked.
Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of Indian decor but the WOOD is so beautiful.

Jason also showed us a Tibetan Singing Bowl
(i think that's what it was called, he'll correct me if I'm wrong)
And it really does sing in a matter of speaking.
Unfortunately I did not get a photo of it because I was so memorized.
I think I might want one!

Needless to say the Union Jack Dining Set is available and on display at:

The Urban Gypsy
614 Columbia St
New West

There are more detailed photos to look at on the URBAN GYPSY web site
but if you are in the area plz stop in to see Jason and everything he has to offer.
It really is magical!

Make sure to ask to see the singing bowls.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS - snow pictures

For everyone without a white Christmas.

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A PROVINCIAL PAIR - nightstand and hiboy

Right now George is working countless hours running his business and doing deliveries,
which intern giving me extra time to work on painting guilt free.
This hiboy and nightstand are one of the latest projects that have been completed.

I'd like to say it was a simple redo, and in simple terms it was.
No repairs were needed.

However it did take countless hours to pianted both pieces in Old White

Then wax both pieces, removing the excess as I went along.

Then washed them in thinned out Graphite chalk paint and remove the excess.

Wax and polish every inch of the dresser and table again.

Once all that was done,
I hand painted each handle with Graphite chalk paint highlighting the girly curves.

The final step was to prep the arborite tops with a primer.

Wrap the body in plastic and get them outside before spraying the top in a glossy black.

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RED BERRY DECOR - christmas decorating

Our front door was adorned with a cute pair of decorative skates, I found at the grocery store!

Hanging inside a bright holiday berry wreath with a hand painted sign to welcome you.

In the kitchen I put together some candles and cranberries in glass.


Simple glassware found in the cupboards, an assortment of candles, and
some cinnamon sticks.

The sun was out and strong when I got these fun photos
of some mini trees on the front porch. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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FAUX MARBLE MASTERPIECE - old dresser makeover

This OLD WORLD style dresser is almost complete.
I'm still going to lay a few more coats of poly on the top. It has at least seven coats now but a few more won't hurt as I want a nice glassy finished look to the faux marble top I created.
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PINK CHRISTMAS TREE - holiday decor

There was no plan to have a pink Christmas tree this year
but somehow it happened anyway.

It all started with this little fellow and George's love of Penguins.
He's silver and white and when we found him late this fall it was
decided we would do a silver and white tree.

Quickly one fat squat penguin bird lead me to this chickadee sized bird
dressed all in white.

Then to this delicate silver glass bird adorned with
long white tail feathers mounted on a spring and clip.

I did decorate the whole tree in white and silver
but it seemed to be missing something.

So I wandered around the house till I came up with that something,
2 large bouquets of pink peonies really make it stand out now.
We both adore the look.

Pictured below is the dresser I first started working on last week.
It has changed considerably since I first started and I will share the final look soon.

UPDATE: this old world style dresser reveal can be found here

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