Here is the Sheet Music Tree tutorial so many have asked for.

Supplies you will need:
Sheet music book with cover
Glue gun and Glue
White glue
Styrofoam cone

First cover the bottom of the cone with the sheet music

Cutting a circle an inch bigger then the cone base
and cutting notches every inch or so around for folding up the sides

With your hot glue adhere the tabs up the sides of the cone.
Below you can see the finished look of the bottom.

Using the heavier weight book cover
roll it into a cone shape to make your tree the height you want.
Quickly scan through the next few photos to help you understand what you are trying to achieve.

Once you have achieved the size you want glue it together.
Keep in mind your cone is going to fit inside the base
so the base circumference needs to be considered.

Working with your Styrofoam cone
Trim any excess off the bottom of the cardboard cone.

With your hot glue run a bead around the Styrofoam cone about
an inch from the bottom, then slide your cardboard cone over top and into adhere into place.
Below you can just see where the glue ring is peeking out where the cardboard seam.

I chose this method so I didn't have to spend more money on bigger Styrofoam cones,
and to get varying heights with multiple trees.

Start cutting your sheet music into strips approx. 1.5" wide.

Next cut into your strips every half inch,
3/4 of the way up from the bottom.

Take each cut and fraid strip and roll it in your hands to curl the edges.
Gently roll back and forth.

With your hot glue gun and starting at the bottom of you tree form,
run a bead of glue half an inch from the bottom around the base.

Trim smaller pieces to fit the missing gaps and glue them into place.

To help things go faster as you grow your tree up,
overlap several strips together and cut your fraid edges.

Continue wrapping and gluing your strips half an inch apart
all the way to the tree top.

Keeping each ban level will create a gap around the top edge
which helps push or hold the next fraid edge curl out more.

Once you get all the way to the top of your tree
you can start to apply some glitter.
These trees look great with or without glitter so of course this
next step is optional.

Add a dab of white glue to the branch tips.

Then sprinkle with glitter.

Now proudly display your trees.

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