MY MANTLE IS FAUX - but my passion is not

This week was suppose to be my week off.
I've been working crazy for over a month preparing for last weekend
and the 2 shows my furniture and other stuff was in.
Both George and I agreed it was much needed time off.
My plan was to clean up the house after the tornado of work and
start the Christmas decorating around here.

I did get started on the decorating on Monday being ever so creative
and doing up our Faux mantle.
We have a large piece of furniture that simulates the look,
and these are the photos I'm sharing with you today.

But while I write to you there is only one thing one my mind
and if you wish to follow along I'll tell you the story.

Unfortunately early last week I had a tooth start to ache and
also agreed to get in to have it looked at this week.
Well the appointment was set for Wednesday to have a look see what was going on.
Then Thursday the next appointment was set to fill the cavity.

Later Thursday evening we had been invited to the pub where my 2 commissioned red buffets
were being used. Well the appointment at the dentist on Thursday took a terrible
turn for the worse and there was no way I could attend the customer appreciation party last night.

The cavity got too close to the root and so did the drilling.
It was then agreed upon the tooth had to come out.
Little did I know how much pain I was going to be in that evening.

A temporary filling was put in till the tooth could be pulled at the set appointment
on Tuesday next week.
Pain killers weren't working and I couldn't think straight for the agony I was in.
So between George and I we had to get on the phone with the dentist to get some resolution.
George couldn't see me in this kind of pain for 5 days and I know I'm strong
and stubborn but I couldn't do it either.

The resolution is the extraction appointment was moved up to this afternoon,
but in all this turmoil I just couldn't stand not working.
Having my mind and body on auto pilot would do me good
while I painted something, so last night I threw down everything
in my way and stormed the hall way to my work space.

I can't eat anything on that side of my mouth, pain killers
aren't doing much good, and I just couldn't put George through
watching the pain in my eyes.
So I grabbed a paint brush and some paint and set forth.
So much for my week of relaxation.

Till the wee hours in the morning I worked steadily on painting a
big dresser in grey, and it did me good.
George was able to get to sleep on his own not worrying
and my mind was able to fly away from the place it had been.

For now the dresser project will be my safe haven while
dealing with my tooth issues this weekend. There will be several more days
of soft foods, pain killers, and gauze once the extraction takes place today.

I only choose to share this story with you to emphasize how much I enjoy
what this part of my life has put before me.
I've always embraced each and every task I've had to this point in my life,
but my furniture and artistic abilities are truly a life long passion
that I seek comfort in.

So I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you again for the support
you offer each and every day while I chase this passion and ...
watch for a big grey dresser coming soon.

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