This is a tutorial of the steps I used to make my MANTLE MERRY CHRISTMAS banner.

Supplies you will need:
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Hole Punch
Glitter Letters
Sheet Music
Brown File Folder or Envelope

I started with an old inter-department mail envelope from George's days
in consulting work. You coulds also recycle used file folders.
You should be using something that is thicker then regular a paper.

Determine the size you want each of your letter flags to be and start cutting.

I cut everything free hand, no measuring.

Because I was using an envelope I had 2 layers of flags once they were cut.

Hole punch them where you will be threading the string to hang them from.

Now to your choice of words or saying.
For this tutorial I did a simple 4 letter word banner.

The glitter letters I used are from Michaels.
They have different fonts and sizes to choose from and come with adhesive backs.

Peel the backing off each letter and position them on your flags
keeping in mind you need room for the little pinwheel at the bottom of each.

Once your letters are secured start to fold your page of sheet music
length wise into one long accordian fan.

The thickness you choose to start your folds will also determine how
far or how deep your little pinwheel will be sitting on your banner flags.

You could do them really skin or overly fat.
It is all determined by your taste.

Now that your page is completely folded
you can cut your mini pin wheels.

Fold them in half and with your hot glue gun you
can start to secure them into their circular shape.

A little dab here,

A little dab there,

And a final dab to secure them into place on the bottom of each flag.

The string I use is hemp cord, also available at Michaels.

I had to find a place to hang this new banner to show it off
and thought you might like to see a new piece of
furniture I recently redid for our kitchen.

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  1. aaaagghhh! where were you 2 weeks ago ...these are adorable ideas should have had this b4 the sale! my crafts were sad! I am going to do this with my girls for us tho! Thanks for the tutorial...very good pics great job ...seems I may be able to follow this!
    Thanks !

  2. That's gorgeous! I'll have to look for some glitter letters and try this out! Deb

  3. A wonderful job, amazing, flawless, of course I invite you to stop by my blog and pick a prize that I've left there. regards




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