THE ALICE DRESSER REVEAL - with a fix it tip and tool suggestion

I've used a lot of power drivers in my time but the one I use now has
been my favorite for years. I first saw it in use when I was working on
a site job 6 years ago. The electrician had it and I immediately asked
about it. It is a cordless rechargeable tool that is super light weight and
has the power I need for most jobs. When I got home I bought one and
a year later I bought a second one I was so impressed. I've included a
photo of it in this post, you may just want one yourself once you see it.

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REPURPOSE A DESK INTO BEDSIDES - 3 drawer bedside cabinets

I found a solid wood desk on the roadside the day after we got
home from holidays. It was a perfect WELCOME HOME sign!!!
I would not have found it if we didn't have to go back to the airport.
When we arrived home from our vacation our luggage did not 
arrive with us. Through the window we had seen our bags did not
make it onto our plane, so we asked the flight attendant how that
all works and he explained the baggage will take the next flight. 
Our flight only flies into our home airport once a day so the next
morning we arrived back at the airport and there was our luggage
coming off the next flight. I hope sharing this info might help some
of you feel better if you see your luggage left behind. 

Now onto the beat up desk project ....

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I found an amazing sideboard before we left on holidays.
It was also amazingly expensive but I wanted to work
with it. It would be just like me to start a dozen projects
before going on vacation and that is exactly what I did.
So now that I'm back home I've been cleaning up all the
projects I started. Next on the list was to finish the 
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My mother has always used old suitcases to store all
sorts of things, and the smaller ones are very useful in
tight homes like mine. I don't have a lot of them myself
but I do use everyone I have. I store favorite magazines
in one and books in another. I have all the glitter and 
glue for Christmas projects in a third. All my packing
stuff for shipping is kept in a fourth one. I like using
them because I can easily grab the one I need and take
it to wherever I am working. When you stack them like 
I have done they work well as a side table and it looks
pretty cool too.

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INSPIRED CABINET - with lion hardware

With having a vacation under my belt,
great weather, and an unexpected large purchase
coming soon I have been working up a storm
getting all sorts of projects finished. Today's
reveal is a piece I painted a long time ago and
has been waiting for the right inspiration to finish.
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MAKING YOUR PROJECT UNIQUE WITH WAX - paris dresser / tv sideboard

I've detailed how this dresser was made to look pretty
unique by using dark wax in certain places but I have
also explained how I did all the other steps by including
a half dozen links to some of my other articles to help
you achieve similar looks with your projects.
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