INSPIRED CABINET - with lion hardware

With having a vacation under my belt,
great weather, and an unexpected large purchase
coming soon I have been working up a storm
getting all sorts of projects finished. Today's
reveal is a piece I painted a long time ago and
has been waiting for the right inspiration to finish.

I'm no different then the rest of you, I loose steam on projects and they sit for months, even years 
tucked away where no one can see my shame. This sideboard doesn't even have a BEFORE picture
 that I am aware of because it has been over looked for so long.

Probably for the same amount of time I have been collecting / hoarding lion pulls.
I only ever find 1 or 2 at a time so it takes time to accumulate any amount
but recently I was inspired to use some of these pulls on this piece of furniture.

I applied anaglypta wall paper to the three lower door panels, and painted the cabinet with
Annie Sloan Old White. I distressed the cabinet around the areas where it would get the most wear.


I finally found the before photo ....

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous05 August

    A wonderful homage to poor Cecil and a beautiful finished piece! Yes, pieces do linger, but there is no evidence of halting process. Did you add anaglypta (or similar) to those panels, or was it already in place?

    Long may you rest well, Cecil The Lion!




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