THE ALICE DRESSER REVEAL - fix it tip and favorite tool

I've used a lot of power drivers in my time but the
one I use now has been my favorite for years. I first
saw it in the hands of an electrician and immediately
asked about it. It is cordless and rechargeable and also
light weight with good power. As soon as could I went
out and bought one and a year later I bought a second
one. It came in quite handy for this dresser makeover.

The first thing I did with this dresser was to cut off about 4 inches from the bottom.
Sounds weird right but I had a vision. The board on the front came off easy, just nails holding it.
The sides were cut with a jigsaw.

I wanted to add a long leg for usable storage underneath for baskets and if I didn't take
away some of the height it already had it would be ridiculously tall.
After I was done it turned out the perfect size.



If you have drawers that fall down when you open them like in the BEFORE photo below
I have an easy fix for you, and it usually only happens to the top drawers.

All you need is to secure a piece of wood in the dresser like these next 2 photos show.
It needs to fit into the space right above where the drawer edge moves back and forth.

Now when the back edge of the drawer tips up it will hit this strip of wood
rather then tilting all the way up into the open space that use to be there.

This does not usually happen to the lower drawers because
they are stopped from tipping by the drawer above it.

My favorite tool!
This is my Ridgid driver equipped with a lite for dark places. It doesn't have one of those huge
 battery packs on bottom, it has a small round one that fits inside the handle. They originally came in
 a soft zip up carry case so they go with me a lot of places. I have had to buy some new batteries after
 all these years but the drivers have not failed me once.

I was inspired to do an Alice in Wonderland theme and used the contours of the original piece to create the look.
 The Alice dresser was all brush painted with ASCP in a 2 tone white and off white before being waxed. 

If you are looking for white drawer pulls check FIRSTFINDS HARDWARE STORE
where there is 1000's of pieces of up-cycled hardware to choose from  

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  1. Love, love, love the look of the Alice dresser! More info needed on the small power RIGID the brand name?
    Where did you buy it? Apprx cost? Cost of batteries? They last about how long? I have an electric tool that is SOOOOO HEAVY it wears me out! So am interested in this one.


  2. Your dresser is just stunning! Just wanted to share with you that one of your posts that I pinned has gotten almost 500 re-pins! And I wanted to thank you for linking up to one of our first parties and wanted to invite you to share this beautiful dresser at our latest party… which is open until Monday just before midnight. And since you are so talented, just wanted to invite you to join the Fab Furniture Flippin group on FB, (I submitted my Trumeau Mirror this month for the contest, and check out the info in this post so that you can perhaps have a chance at winning some great sponsored package prizes. Have a great week! ;o)

  3. So pretty! I found a similar style dresser sitting on a curb, the drawer fronts are very similar. I like how you checkered the fronts. Beautiful makeover! And thanks for the tip about the drawers dipping down. Pinning.