ADDING LONG LEGS - white 2 drawer ascp chest

Somewhere along the way I lost interest in finishing
a little two drawer chest I had purchased. And to add
to the unfortunate situation, the original price tag was
high for such a small piece. It then ended up in last
week's yard sale with a much smaller price tag and
did not sell. I heard one man say "what is that good
for" but my vision was always clear ...

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This will feel like deja vu to some of 
you that read last weeks post about the
first rePurposing of a gate leg table I
did. I had two of them marked at $5 at
our yard sale yet neither of them sold.
I always feel bad for the stuff left
behind and it some how re-invigorates
me to find the time to rePurpose them
myself. This article is about the second
table that got a new life.

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HOW TO MAKE A SOFA TABLE - from a gate leg table

I hate watching furniture that need
TLC get over-looked at my yard sale.
There are pieces that other folks just
can't see the potential in yet I see it 
so clearly. That's what happened this 
past weekend, two gate leg tables got
passed over numerous times. I saw
different ladies looking and
thinking then a husband would
come over and say "No".

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BEAUTIFUL WORKSHOP SINK - made from an old dresser

My friend owns a home decor store and she is also the local Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer. We got to know each other before anyone in these woods knew about Chalk Paint but with the same passion and the new paint we have so much more fun supporting each other. This year my friend had the unique opportunity to make a BIG move and double her square footage and she jumped in with
both feet.

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DRESSING UP SHELVING - tall white display shelf

Solid wood shelves are hard to find these days.
If I do find one I grab it no matter what it might
be missing because adding to a shelving unit is
a lot of fun for me.
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