BEAUTIFUL WORKSHOP SINK - made from an old dresser

My friend owns a home decor store and she is also the local Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint retailer. We got to know each other before anyone
in these woods knew about Annie's Chalk Paint but with the same
passion and the new paint we have so much more fun supporting
each other. This year my friend had the unique opportunity to make
a BIG move and double her square footage and she jumped in with
both feet.

One big piece she was going to need for her move was a large and stately workshop sink.
I spent some time on the other end of her phone calls answering questions about what I
thought would work for her sink. Right about then I realized a piece that had been
taking up too much space on my deck would be perfect for what she needed.


This beastly 1976 dresser was just about everything she was looking for. It was a donation
from someone who had seen what I do and did not want it to go to the landfill.

The plumbing would fit behind the cabinet doors, where there use to be 2 drawers.

I added a couple of inches to the height by using some super thick rustic wood from my wood stash.


It was also the perfect canvas to show off what Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I could do together.

 To start. I spray painted the whole body in AS Provence Blue (as seen below).

From there I clear waxed the whole cabinet body before I got really creative. 

For tips on how I wax watch this short video here:


If you look closely at the photos above you might see the detailing I'm about to describe.
I used a fan brush and applied AS Florence, a very strong vibrant turquoise, to give it a little pop here and there. I aged the finish using dark wax around the hardware and in the corners and crevices.

The finishing touches were an eclectic mix of vintage hardware pieces painted
in a flat black and I used a homemade stencil to embellish the cabinet doors with AS Pure White.

Here is how I make my own stencils: 

The finished sink has now been installed in the new store, for those who live locally
you know I'm talking about The Passionate Home in Langley

It looks amazing in it's new home,
and I get to enjoy it and share it with
everyone when you visit the store


I even used Annie Sloan's lacquer on the wood top.
Three thin coats with a light sanding between.



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