ADDING LONG LEGS - white annie sloan chest

Somewhere along the way I lost interest in finishing the makeover on this little two drawer chest. I know it looks like three drawers but the bottom drawer is double deep. To add to the unfortunate situation, the cost of it was high when I first bought it. 

It then ended up in our yard sale with a much smaller price
 tag and did not sell. I heard one man say
"what is that good for" 
I actually feel bad when people disregard furniture pieces. I
 see so much potential and all the work that someone once 
put into making it the first time around. This particular piece
 "as is" would be perfect in a child's room and $10 is a steal.

My vision for this piece was different but very clear.
Add some super long curvy legs and it can work in several
rooms. I had seen some long coffee table legs at the local
 RESTORE so after the yard sale I drove out and bought 4
legs. You can see them below sitting on the chest,
where I setup to install them.

Many times I am asked where I work, and the answer is ...
 "Anywhere I can" I added the legs on this piece in the 
driveway, painted it in the yard, and waxed it on the deck.

An article on how I add legs is available here:

A short waxing video I did is available here:


Remember I mentioned this little guy had a high price tag
 when I first got it, that is because it is an Ethan Allen piece
 made of solid maple and the big bottom drawer is lined with
 aromatic cedar. It smells amazing inside yet no one wanted it!


I tried different handles and settled on some white ones 
before donating this piece to a holiday charity event
 to raise money for the Langley Christmas bureau.

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