CURVED GLASS CABINET - chartreuse paint

With every internet search I could think of and all my years
of loving vintage furniture I have never come across such a
unique piece as this one. And to think it has made it through
the years without either curved glass panel in the doors
getting broken or even showing a chip. To helped this cabinet
stand out from the rest I pick an extra special color.

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VINTAGE KEY HANGERS - combining wood with white

I find something very appealing about natural
worn wood working next to a fresh white
palette. The old pieces of wood I use for
projects like this are from vintage furniture
that have gone past the point of saving in
there original form. The wood used behind
this painted tree & house key hanger was
the side of a deep filing drawer in a turn of
the century desk almost a half inch thick.
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I wasn't looking to buy any furniture the day
this dresser crossed my path. The lady who
owned it had bought it as a refinishing project
and was told the side panel that was split and
separated was an easy fix. I felt compelled to
save it and the owner, as this is NOT A
SIMPLE FIX for the average refinishing
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