1950's CURVED GLASS CABINET - chartreuse paint

With every internet search I could think of and all my years
of loving vintage furniture I have never come across such a
unique piece as this one. And to think it has made it through
the years without either curved glass panel in the doors
getting broken or even showing a chip. To helped this cabinet
stand out from the rest I pick an extra special color.

The color I chose plays with the shape and era the cabinet came from. It's an amazing soft
Chartreuse, which is halfway between yellow and green and was named because of its
 resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green chartreuse, introduced
in 1764.

I mixing ASCP colors at the counter until I found the right shade of Chartreuse that I loved. A nice
 set of ceramic off white melon knobs also worked perfectly with the other color I chose to use.

Which was classic Annie Sloan Old White for the interior of the display shelves. They just didn't get
 the attention they really deserved in the original dark brown finish. I did a little distressing and
finished them off with a wax and polish.


Everything else got a nice touch of distressing too, before my girlfriend fell in love
and gave her a new home.

She's so beautiful!!

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