NO WAX USED ON CHALK PAINT - pure white kitchen cabinet

I'm happy to finally 2 years, 
share with you our beautiful
white storage cabinet that sits
in the corner of our kitchen. I
never waxed it after painting it
with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in Pure white.

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THE LITTLE UNWANTED DESK - white paint and fabulous hardware

This little desk made it into
a pile of furniture I had given
up on. It had been photographed
in it's un-cared for and ugly state
then advertised as a give away on
my Facebook page. But there
were no takers.

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OMBRE DRESSER FOR TODDLER with tips & turquoise

Do you want to paint an Ombre
dresser? Have you ever wondered
why it's called Ombre? I will help
answer some of these questions
and offer tips I learned while
creating my Ombre dresser for
a little family member.

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STENCILLED SIGNS - ideas, colors, and textures

This first cabinet door was painted with ASCP Coco
and stenciled in white. Dark
wax was applied only on the outer frame and edge and some heavy sanding was done to distress the whole sign.
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Q&A - spray painting, upholstery, and sandpaper


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SPRING FLING II - annie sloan florence chalk paint

Once upon a time I painted a dresser
light turquoise, white, & green,
and named it the SPRING FLING
dresser. The color combination was
extremely popular and I was challenged
to recreate another dresser with a
complimentary look.
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See how I get a dark distressed look
on light colored furniture
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SALVAGE YARDS - inspiration

It's time to look up your local salvage yards
and think about taking a stroll one weekend
afternoon and see what you can find. Maybe
a load of bricks for a garden walkway, a
vintage washing machine to plant some
flowers in, a fancy architectural window for
that blank wall space in the living room, or
maybe you will fall in love with an antique
lighting pieces and a whole room makeover
might start.
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