NO WAX CHALK PAINT PROJECT CABINET and some shabby chic switch plate covers

I'm happy to finally share with you my
beautiful white storage cabinet that sits
in the corner of my kitchen. It was a
found pieces sitting on the side of the
road. I fixed it up and painted it with
Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint
almost two years ago. I never waxed
the paint and the finish is doing
incredibly well two years later.

Below are the old photos of how the cabinet looked when I got it and the photos of the make over
process. It is a solid pine cabinet that was left on the side of the road in a heap of parts. 
It had been painted white and stamped with giant pink roses.

All I can say is that I applaud everyone for their attempts at DIY, enough said!


The backer board for the bottom section was missing a huge chunk so I cut a replacement piece
from a large salvage piece of hardboard I had.
wallpaper paste can be found at Home Depot
I lining the upper portion of the cabinet with a blue floral wallpaper, starting with the top backer
 board. I used my bucket of wallpaper paste (above top right) because this paper came un pasted.


After the inside was all papered I sanded, painted, then distressed the outside. 


Unfortunately the GIANT PINK ROSES had some texture to them so
I had to do extra sanding to get rid of them all.


In the end I needed a storage cabinet more than a display cabinet so I went one step farther and
applied some beautiful white Anaglypta wallpaper over the glass to hide what is inside.
The Anaglypta was adhered to the front of the glass with double sided tape
that can easily be removed in the future if need be.

I found a galvanized metal box with rope handles for the top that stores my extra
 rolls of paper towel. The three city names are actually punched out of the metal.

When I brush painted this cabinet 2 yrs ago with chalk paint I never waxed it. This is the only piece I
 have not waxed to date and did it on my piece to see how it would hold up.

I am seriously impressed with how durable the paint is without wax. Before I took these new photos
 I used a kitchen sponge and easily wipe away a few scuff marks from the painted surface.
Here is a close up of the finish today ...


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