I found a couple of good chairs over the weekend and started painting them as soon as they arrived home. The weather has been quite nice and sunny lately which makes it possible for me to spray
 outside. They are classic French Provincial dining chairs great for a desk or bedroom vanity. I tried
one at George's desk and it looked amazing but there are already so many chairs here that
the law has to be put down regarding what stays and what goes. And these chairs must go! After
all that's why I bought them.

I sprayed them in a 50-50 mix of ASCP Old White & Pure White.

The seats got new foam and new French script upholstery.


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I'm not sure what constitutes an official Ikea Hack but check out what I did to
an Ikea Hemnes Secretary Desk.
Below to the left is what an original Hemnes Secretary Desk looks like (older model)
On the right is how it looks after I replacing the legs with curvy dining table legs.

BEFORE                                         AFTER

The Hemnes Secretary Desk is all pine wood and the top portion is all complete and can be
 separated from the bottom by undoing eight "L" brackets.
That will leave you with a simple base frame to work with. You can see each of the
brackets sitting at the top edge on the inside of the frame.

These metal corner brackets are original and held the straight leg in place. I moved them
down to line up with the threaded rod of the replacement leg. 

I then reattached the top to the base and painted it in a creamy distressed white.

There is a bankers chair that goes with the desk. It is a modern oak chair with a really
high lift that works perfectly with the desk. I cut out areas for the chair arms to tuck right
under the desk when it's not being used. 


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I see nice china cabinets that I want to paint all the time but moving them and finding the extra space
 for them is horrible in our small quarters. This one came on a sunny day so I start to work on it
outside. A friend had been trying to fill a dining room nook and this turned out to be the right piece.
 It's made of oak and has some of the coolest details. I took off 3 doors from the top and repurposed
 them into kitchen signs.
I sprayed the rest of the cabinet in ASCP Old White and added a black and white wallpaper interior.
The aged oak did lovely things to the paint color and I get a nice shine when I buffed the wax.  

Each section of the backer boards were different pieces of hard board, so I remove the finishing nails
 holding each in place and wallpapered them one at a time. Much easier than one large piece.
The porcelain and brass knobs and handles are original but some parts were missing.
When I took the doors off the top I was able to steal 2 of the porcelain knobs for the bottom.

I'd like to do more china cabinets but we'll have to see how much space is available this winter.

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My Tiffany Blue is AS Provence mixed with Old White.
Once upon a time I found these curly legs at a yard sale. They were all by their lonesome
sitting a top a pile of junk. The aren't really legs they are called harp arms and held a mirror
on top of a dresser long ago. They are made of solid wood and perfect for lifting this small cabinet.

The nightstand is Canadian Made solid maple.

I found a door at the Restore. They have tons of doors with all the measurements handy so I went
prepared with my numbers and found one the exact size I needed. The hole was already in the door
 for the knob so I went with the placement. I know it is off from where we are use to seeing it
but I like it there.
BEFORE                          AFTER

I hand painted all the trim detail with AS Old White and distressed all the edges.
The knobs are amazing, the centers are crystal rhinestones and the gold and blue pedals are metal.



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 Professional sign makers would probably use vinyl or glass paint to create something like this but
I don't have any of that and I'm betting a lot of you don't either.
I used common every day products so hopefully you don't having to run out and buy anything new.
This tutorial is for those wanting to be creative by make a single sign for their own home.

computer, printer, paper
a little knowledge with sizing & flipping letters on a word document
sharpie marker
scotch tape
artist paint brush
black craft paint
glass project to work on
razor blade (optional)
My project piece is an oak china cabinet door with glass insert and the black striping already in place.
I painted the door frame in a distressed ASCP Old White and waxed the finish.
For the lettering ...
Start by holding a regular piece of printer paper up to your project and decide how big you
want your letters to be. Take that information back to your word document on your computer
and size them approx. to your paper size and print them out in reverse.

FRONT SIDE                            BACK SIDE

Cut your letters into squares and tape them face down on the front side of your project.
Turn your door over to reveal your letters. The font I used was Algerian.
You are going to use the letters as a template to draw them directly on the back of the glass.

First trace the outline of the letters with your sharpie. If you are right handed start on the left side and
visa versa if you are left handed. You do not want to smug the drying ink with your fist as you move around.

Once the edges are all in place I started to fill in the letter. This is much easier to do if you remove the template from underneath. Do your best to stay inside the lines!

If you wish you can use some of your scotch tape to get crisper edges.

You can also use a razor blade to fix edges.

Once the sharpie is dry you can darken it up with paint.
Using more sharpie just removes what you have already done.

In the Photo below the "E" is just sharpie & the "A" is sharpie that has been painted.
I've done it this way because the sharpie works well for fine lines and details
(like having cleaner edges) and the paint darkens it up really well.

I tried many different technics and order and this one worked the best for me.
I always encourage you to try different steps and different products and find what works best for you.

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PAINTED GLASS - kitchen eat sign

I had three oak cabinet doors with glass sitting around left over from a project and it was time
to repurpose them into something fun. I have been wanting to do some experimental hand painting
on glass and this was the perfect time to play with it.

Each door has an authentic vintage (not a reproduction) glass knob and unique swing handle
 hardware on the bottom to hang a tea towel from.


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