I see nice china cabinets that I want to paint all the time but moving them and finding the extra space
 for them is horrible in our small quarters. This one came on a sunny day so I start to work on it
outside. A friend had been trying to fill a dining room nook and this turned out to be the right piece.
 It's made of oak and has some of the coolest details. I took off 3 doors from the top and repurposed
 them into kitchen signs.
I sprayed the rest of the cabinet in ASCP Old White and added a black and white wallpaper interior.
The aged oak did lovely things to the paint color and I get a nice shine when I buffed the wax.  

Each section of the backer boards were different pieces of hard board, so I remove the finishing nails
 holding each in place and wallpapered them one at a time. Much easier than one large piece.
The porcelain and brass knobs and handles are original but some parts were missing.
When I took the doors off the top I was able to steal 2 of the porcelain knobs for the bottom.

I'd like to do more china cabinets but we'll have to see how much space is available this winter.

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