HOW TO ADD LEGS to nightstands

I get asked all the time where to find furniture 
legs. Unfortunately the
answer to that question isn't as simple as the question

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see second hand legs in all sorts of thrift stores. They are on
 warn out couches and chairs, mdf tables and broken stools, I
have purchased furniture legs at yard sales, wood table legs at
the Restore, and cast iron legs at an antique storeMetal
 stove legs are usually installed with bolts and washers. You
 can cut legs from decorative bed posts. I have seen them
 listed in Etsy shops, and ppl have told me they are also on
 Ebay. Once you start looking you might be surprised
 what you see out there and it helps if you carry a saw with
 you everywhere you go, I know that'a not very practical.

MDF coffee table legs are fairly easy to use for 
repurposing on night stands with the right tools.
A good example of an MDF coffee table can be seen
in this article:
 You get 4 legs to use, they are made of solid wood, and
it's only 1 or 2 bolts holding them in place. 
Coffee tables do come in different heights so keep this
in mind when choosing.

#1 You will have to cut off the extra top part so they
will sit flush under your night stand.


#2 Pre-drill and screw your legs into place on the
front of your night stands.


#3 You need to cut back legs from some stock
lumber to match the height of your front legs.


#4 Then glue and screw your back legs into place.



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