I'm not sure what constitutes an official Ikea Hack but check out what I did to an Ikea Hemnes Secretary Desk. 

Below to the left is what an original Hemnes Secretary Desk
 looks like (older model) On the right is how it looks after I 
replacing the legs with curvy dining table legs.

The Hemnes Secretary Desk is all pine wood and the
 top portion is all complete and can be separated from the
 bottom by undoing eight "L" brackets. That will leave you
 with a simple base frame to work with. You can see each
 of the brackets sitting at the top edge on the inside of the frame.

These metal corner brackets are original and held the straight
 leg in place. I moved them down to line up with the threaded
 rod of the replacement leg. 

I then re-attached the top to the base and painted it in a
 creamy distressed white.

There is a bankers chair that goes with the desk. It is a
 modern oak chair with a really high lift that works perfectly
 with the desk. I cut out areas for the chair arms to tuck right
under the desk when it's not being used. 


You can also follow along on INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood

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