I have never had a dining room and the table we had when I was a child was in a corner just off the
kitchen. So I have never had a nice big dining table to decorate or invite friends and family to sit at.
 When you have never had something you aren't quite sure you miss it or not but looking at all the
 wonderful and amazing dining rooms all over the internet and especially in blog land it is hard not to
 want one. Well no matter how good I am at juggling my projects and work spaces there will never be
room for a dining table here in the trailer.

I usually pass on dining tables cause of the space issues I have but this one came in the summer
when I thought I could get to it in the nice weather. I did start it then but didn't finish it till recently.
It is very much like my Tuscan Server I did last year

It first starts with a white layer of chalk paint and then a second layer of soft turquoise blue. 

The left leg is painted in the blue and clear waxed.
The right leg has then been dark waxed.

Here the left leg has been dark waxed and sanded with 220 grit to expose the white and wood.
It also lightens the dark wax effect all the way down the leg.

The completed table is on display at BRICK & MORTAR LIVING

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