DARK WAXING A PAINTED DINING TABLE - hard wearing aged finish

I don't often get to work on dining
tables but they are not much
different than anything else I work
on. The finish has to hold up and be
beautiful. The finish on this table
held up as a store display piece for 3
years, getting piled up with all 
manner of goods. It still looked like
the day I did it.

The table was taken right back to raw wood before I started
 to paint. The top was incredibly hard oak and I used a angle
 grinder to get it completely clean which created a unique 
texture I found very attractive.

 The first coat was white layer of AS chalk paint from top to 
bottom, and then a layer of soft turquoise blue on the legs 
and apron. I mixed the second color using AS Provence and white. 

The top only got one coat of AS Old White before clear wax.
That is all it took to keep this table looking great for years.
This was done on raw wood and no hot, cold, or wet 
dishes touched the table top during it's life as a store display.


The leg on the left was painted in the turquoise blue & clear wax.
The right leg has one more step, dark wax over everything.

Here the left leg has been dark waxed and sanded with 220
 grit to expose the white and wood. It lightens the dark wax
 effect all the way down the leg and creates the beautiful aged look.

Above is her as a store display and once finished there
she became a dining table again.

It was finished very much like my Tuscan Cabinet I did,
 you can see a close up of the painting process at this link:


if we have any shabby chic white hardware for your next project.


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