HOW TO SUBWAY ART - subway art tutotial

There are a few tutorials available around blog land showing how
to achieve a subway art look, so why am I offering another?

I wanted a certain finished look and was able to achieve it using
some of the unique qualities that Chalk Paint possesses.

I used vinyl letters creating a reverse stencil on top of white chalk paint,

The letters were made with commercial adhesive vinyl
left over from my contractor days.
I used my PC and Printer to get the size and shape
then cut them out by hand.

I did not want all that extra white coming through areas that were going to be distressed.

Because Chalk Paint is water soluble (before it's waxed)
I scrubbed the extra white off as seen in the photo above.

The remaining steps I took are:
#1 painted over everything with graphite
#2 remove the vinyl letters once the graphite was dry
#3 wax your complete drawer face
#4 distress with sand paper
#5 wax and buff to a shine

Coming soon to an email near you ...
Within a day or two I will be able to show you what I've been doing with this graphic.
For those interested in what it says I've translated it.
specially distilled by
Giraud Son Paris
colonial society
department stores
Saigon - Hanoi

Here is a sneak peak taken late at night while the elves are working.

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ART DECO TURNED SHAKER - vancouver subway art dresser

How to take an Art Deco Dresser and give it a Shaker Style.

One thing that dates art deco furniture is the flush and rounded tops.

So I removed the original top and replaced it with a nice fresh pine board cut to size.

With some walnut stain, wax, and my new gloves we were off to the races.

Having a curvy kick at the bottom is common in a lot of furniture
but I removed this one to get straighter lines and offer a masculine feel.

Two final steps to help achieve the look was to add the vintage metal wheels
and simple metal knobs down both sides of the drawers.

And that's how you get a shaker look from an Art Deco Dresser.

More beauty pics can be seen on yesterday's post

Next time I'll share how I did my lettering and finish on the drawers.

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VANCOUVER ART - subway art tall dresser

I've been wanting to do a true tall boy subway dresser for some time.


And recently a couple of my fellow blog ladies have inspired me to get moving on that project.

First up is Bliss @ Bliss Ranch with her Kodak Dresser.

And secondly is Suzan @ Simply Vintageous

My main inspiration started with this fabulous shaker style tallboy @ Lindauer Designs

But I had to do it in the VANCOUVER style,
and add what I'm calling my signature typo.

Only those who know Vancouver should be able to find the spelling mix-up,
but for the most part you read it the way you are suppose to. 


Next time I'll share how I transformed this mid century look into a shaker style,
in a few steps.

Let me know if you see the typo ...

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MORE THAN JUST A PEDICURE - lions foot chest

The veneer on one side and top had to be completely removed due to water damage.
We have all come across those bubbling and wavy surfaces and sometimes it can be fixed.

But not this time.
I stripped and sanded and filled and sanded some more,
then added several coats of paint and wax to get this crisp clean white surface.

The right side veneer was saved and I restained the wood on the left.

She has her original key locks still in place and I out fitted her with a set of reproduction handles.

She is painted in ASCP Old White and clear wax,
and is the perfect height for a grand bedside table.

You can find a side by side before and after pic here.

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HOW TO GAIN 3 INCHES - ornate night stands

Three inches to a night stands that is.

We all love the miss matched styling of shabby chic decor but most of us also
like to have a matched set of tables for our bedside.

Most vintage night stands are just too darn short for our current fat and luxurious mattress'.
So that's where I step in and raise them up.
This pair of solid wood carved night stands started at 24 inches tall before
I installed a vintage set of casters, lifting them 1.5"
and a solid frame added under the top to raise them another 1.5".

Here they are on there way to be sprayed in ASCP Old White, before a coat of ASCP clear wax
then Minwax dark to accent all the detailing of these pieces.

Originally there were no handles on the doors, I have no idea how someone would ever
get the cupboard doors open with out taking the drawer out first and reaching inside.

Maybe thats why they were stored away in a shed and not used.

A side by side before and after pic can be seen here.

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THINGS I FIND INSIDE FUNITURE - ladies french kneehole desk

Every now and then something unusual shows up inside my furniture projects.
Like these curtain rods below. Now when I say inside I don't mean in a drawer,
I mean behind the drawers inside the cabinet somewhere.

Really ... how do curtain rods get inside a dresser?
If you know don't tell me it was a retorical question.

I've found a few Aussie coins and recently a 1965 German Schilling.
I don't assume they will make me rich but they do add interest to the projects.

Another interesting find was the post card dated 1919

but more often then not it's just someones missing puzzle pieces,

their discarded matches, a forgotten key, and quite often old receipts.
This one is dated 1976 and it's from England.

They seem to be quite polite when
dealing with overdue accounts, it actually says
"Fearing your account has escaped your
notice, we venture to ask the favor of
a remittance within the course of a
few days"

That was awfully nice of them!

Well now back to the project of the day ...

I know a few of you might be getting excited with these sneaky partial pictures,
but please don't get overwhelmed there is bad news coming.

A drawer that has dove tails on the back as well as the front.
Amazing what several hundreds of dollars can buy you huh?

Yes I spent a great deal more than I am use to on this one, but it's worth every penny in the end.

She even had a couple of surprises inside for me to find.

2 Golden Key Furniture Keys
I'm delighted with that little find, but now the trick will be to find a lock they will open. 

Now for the bad news ...

This magnificent, over the top, gorgeous french desk (deep breath)
is already spoken for, but you can see a side by side before and after pic here.
I know that doesn't make up for it, I'm a bad bad person for teasing you.

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