HOW TO SUBWAY ART - subway art tutotial

There are a few tutorials available around blog land showing how
to achieve a subway art look, so why am I offering another?

I wanted a certain finished look and was able to achieve it using
some of the unique qualities that Chalk Paint possesses.

I used vinyl letters creating a reverse stencil on top of white chalk paint,

The letters were made with commercial adhesive vinyl
left over from my contractor days.
I used my PC and Printer to get the size and shape
then cut them out by hand.

I did not want all that extra white coming through areas that were going to be distressed.

Because Chalk Paint is water soluble (before it's waxed)
I scrubbed the extra white off as seen in the photo above.

The remaining steps I took are:
#1 painted over everything with graphite
#2 remove the vinyl letters once the graphite was dry
#3 wax your complete drawer face
#4 distress with sand paper
#5 wax and buff to a shine

Coming soon to an email near you ...
Within a day or two I will be able to show you what I've been doing with this graphic.
For those interested in what it says I've translated it.
specially distilled by
Giraud Son Paris
colonial society
department stores
Saigon - Hanoi

Here is a sneak peak taken late at night while the elves are working.

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  1. Waiting anxiously.......


  2. What sort of wax do you use on chalk paint?

  3. Thank you, thank you! I have a dresser to subway art on and I was just thinking through the steps I would have to make it work...daunting, until now! Brilliant method which I hope to borrow and complete a project soon!

  4. That looks fantastic! Great tutorial. You make it look really easy so I'll have to put it to the test someday soon.

  5. Oh wow - this is perfect timing as I am in the beginning stages of a very similiar project! Thanks for the tips lady!
    home sweet nest

  6. Thank you for your tutorial. I had such a fun time using your techniques on a vintage liquor cabinet! I have a question, though....there was some residual stickiness left on the cabinet after I peeled the letter stencils off. Did that happen to you? I was able to continue with the project, but when I got to the distressing step at the end, the paint dust tended to collect on that stickiness, darkening my white letters quite dramatically. I was wondering if there was something I could do differently next time. Thanks!