VANCOUVER ART - subway art tall dresser

I've been wanting to do a true tall boy subway dresser for some time.


And recently a couple of my fellow blog ladies have inspired me to get moving on that project.

First up is Bliss @ Bliss Ranch with her Kodak Dresser.

And secondly is Suzan @ Simply Vintageous

My main inspiration started with this fabulous shaker style tallboy @ Lindauer Designs

But I had to do it in the VANCOUVER style,
and add what I'm calling my signature typo.

Only those who know Vancouver should be able to find the spelling mix-up,
but for the most part you read it the way you are suppose to. 


Next time I'll share how I transformed this mid century look into a shaker style,
in a few steps.

Let me know if you see the typo ...

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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  1. Awesome! A little local history makes it perfect!!

  2. found it! :) love the dresser!

    Leanne @

  3. Fun! I'm thinking of doing a "Toronto" one.

  4. This is so interesting. I just love it!

  5. A couple months ago, if someone would of told me I would be inspiring YOU, I would of thought them nuts! You my dear friend feed my creativity. Your dresser looks wonderful like everything you do, and I can't find a typo.


  6. It turned out so perfect! I love that you made it personal and local. I love that dresser from Bliss too. I featured that this week. Both such talented ladies!

  7. That is super cool!! I love it! You do first rate projects sister!

  8. Hi Kristy! Beautiful dresser!
    Yes, I found the misspelling!
    How did you do this, stenciling?

  9. Kristy! This is awesome! I wouldn't have notice the typo at all if you hadn't mentioned it. Your brain always wants to read it the correct way... :)