INEXPENSIVE WALL ART - botanical prints

I wanted some larger
art prints for the wall
but I couldn't afford to
spend a lot so I kept my
eye out at the thrift store. 

Before I knew it I scored 4 large botanical prints
behind glass for only $2 each.

They looked like they were from the 80's and the paper inside
 was wavy. I took the cardboard backs off, then removed the pictures.
First thing I did was to trim the images at the very most 
inside border. Then I washed the glass before hot gluing it into the frame.
I put a dab in each corner and at the centers of each side.

The last step was to use clear tape on the corners of the 
pictures and secure them to the back side of the glass.
The tape hangs over the edge of the picture a few
millimeters on the corners to hold them in place.

I painted the frames with some Annie Sloan Chalk
Paint in Pure White, with a bit of distressing.

I consider myself lucky that the art I found was botanical
as I have always wanted a few of them for our home.

This can be done with any size second hand art piece.
I hope I inspired you to save a little and create a lot.

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