PLATE WALL DISPLAY - shabby chic style


I have always found the key to
creating successful & wonderful
wall displays has always been to use
the things I love and have collected
over time. But more importantly
when I want to get to work building
display I look for items that have
been stored out of sight and out of 
mind, like these plates stacked in a
pile in the back of a cupboard.

 I don't plan a shopping trip to find new things, like everyone
 else I have plenty of things I love right here at home. How
many things do you have stored away that you could
 display? I like finding plates mostly at yard sales through the
 summer months. Both GG and I like getting out earlier
 Saturday morning to see what treasures we can find.
Sometimes I find pairs but many times I only spot a single
 plate but they make for the best collections while the low
 price tags make for great bargains.

I found these chairs second hand, just as you see them,
and I built and painted this little table. We have tried many
times to have a dining table in our tiny home but every one
has failed because it just ate up too much room. One more try
 with this CUSTOM build that might fit better.

I started the build with this table base, it was perfect with a
 low profile. Someone tossed it out so I grabbed it. The only
 problem was it needed to be taller, so I started hunting
 through my wood hoard to figure out a way to make it grow.
 I ended up finding some old BUN feet originally taken from
curbside couch. I used 2 of them to make the table taller.
 You can see one of them just at the top of the column and the
 second is perched upon that.

The table is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
A mix of Pure white and a pinch of Arles,
Arles is an Ocher color, something between yellow and
 orange. The edges are distressed with sandpaper and I have
 yet to wax it. With my schedule we'll see if it ever gets waxed.


if we have any shabby chic white hardware for your next project.



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