This is the much requested post
all about how I refinished our
big shelving unit with 3 colors of
paint to look like an inspiration
photo I found on Pinterest.

This is what the shelf looked like before I started.
2 drawers were missing, I converted the center rectangular
 space into a small alcove for a basket and I built a small 
square drawer for the spot on the left. More on that later.

This is the photo that inspired me to start painting one night.
Before I start please bare in mind turquoise does not 
photograph well and I have tried to make the color
 information as clear as possible.

The first layer of paint was brushed on, rough and quick.
It was a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint similar to
Aubusson but not as vibrant blue. If you wanted to try this
yourself Aubusson would work very well.

Here is a look at the three colors I used in the order
I used them from left to right.

The second layer was Old White with a small amount of
 Florence mixed in to create the lightest of the colors,
this soft vintage minty color. I also watered it down and again
brushed it on quickly and not always doing full coverage.

You can see below how the first layer of paint is peaking through.

The third color was the strongest of all the colors but was 
only used sparingly. I mixed a small amount of Old White 
into Florence just to take the edge off the intensity of the
Below you can see where I dry brushed that color in sparse
 patches all over the cabinet. At this point the project looked
 it's worse but the final step would bring it all together.

The last thing to do was to blend the colors together and I did
 that by hand sanding with 180 grit sandpaper over the entire
 paint finish.

BEFORE                            AFTER
DRY PAINT                                 SANDED PAINT
Always sand in the direction of the wood grain runs
and hit every edge with the paper.


Take a look at where you can see the three colors on the
 finished piece and how the original wood shows through.

I did the whole project in less than 24 hours
and I did not wax it.

To see another furniture piece that was not waxed
click here:

Above is a close up of the drawer I built from scrapes
Below is the alcove created with a board cut to fit the bottom

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