It was time to stop reading my lovely books and magazines I got for my birthday last month and
 start spring cleaning. Maybe even bring some of those magazine ideas into the décor.
 I've been busy freshening thinks up around the house, changing this for that and so on.
 While tons of organizing, de-cluttering, and redecorating have been going on, a pile of stuff 
 grew into a mountain of unfinished projects. It was all the second hand smalls I have purchased over
 the years with the intention of painting. Well the time had come to get these wonderful pieces 
painted, distressed, and waxed. Enjoy ...




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YARD SALE SEASON - vintage closets

Yard sale season is here and it's time to gear up to find amazing makeover piece.
Here is another idea I have to get you motivated.
Find an old closet and breath new life into it with paint and a stencil.
To learn how I created my vintage closet:

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FRENCH ARM CHAIR - blue and white

When I have a great French chair that needs a make over there are a few different directions I can take.
Below you can see how the chair looked before I started. I repaired the wiggly arms and I thought I might
 paint the fabric but I knew I wanted to paint the frame. Once I sprayed the frame in white, the fabric color
popped and looked really nice against the white. That's when I realized cleaning the upholstery was an option
that had been forgotten. In this day and age and in my profession this starts to look like a long lost technique
reserved for my mother's generation. The fabric had been taken taken care of and a good cleaning was all
 that was needed to freshen it up. 


I painted the nail heads and trim then lightly distressed the frame to show a bit of the original dark finish.
I chose to wet distressed so I wouldn't sand through the walnut stain that had been used years before.
Underneath a spring needed some adjustments due to a strip of the burlap webbing coming un-nailed,
so I fixed all that then I stapled a new piece of striped vintage fabric across the bottom of the chair.


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YARD SALE SEASON - tea carts

Yard sale season is here and it's time to gear up to find amazing makeover piece.
Here is a fun idea I have to get your minds working over time.
Take an old tea cart and look at it in a different way and for use in a different room.

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WHITE WICKER & NO WAX - before and after

This little wicker three drawer needed more than just paint, but once I finished the cleaning and the
repairs the painting started to make it look so cute and shabby chic. I used ASCP but did not wax the
wicker. I've painted many wicker baskets with ASCP and they have held up just fine with out waxing
and I did not wax the wicker on this chest either. The top is solid wood and will get lots of use so I
 distressed and waxed it to protect the surface along with the drawer knobs which will get touched 
a lot. No wax also allows for the chalky finish to be a part of the shabby vintage look of the finish piece.





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RECYCLING ROADSIDE FINDS - upcycling design challenge

 The second annual Upcycling Design Challenge is on again here at home.
I have dropped off my Mini Storage Closet to participate in the showing.
 'Upcycling’ involves taking waste material that would otherwise end up in our landfills and turning
 it into something more valuable. Candy wrappers transformed into a new purse? Old glass bottles
 become a funky chandelier? The options are only limited by your own creativity! Take the challenge
 and create something amazing.
 Contest entries will be displayed and the winners announced at an exhibit
 at the Langley Arts Council Gallery, 20550 Fraser Highway, on Earth Day,
April 22, 6:30-9:30pm. Come join us for a fun evening and check out the
remarkable artistic talent of Langley residents.
This is how the Mini Storage Closet looked while working on her.
Below is a peak at my project from last year, the Curbside to Coatrack if you are interesting
 in seeing completed photos and details about how it was created follow this link:

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The sun was out so I decided to take advantage and have a nice photo shoot out doors.
I finished making over 2 Shabby Chic chairs. Both are the same, a soft creamy distressed
white with new Teahouse Upholstery. The paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and
these chairs were sprayed in a 50 - 50 mix of Old White & Pure White.
I've also been working very hard getting tons of new hardware ready for listing.
Stop in to see what's new in shabby chic white hardware available at firstfinds.
There are 1000's of pieces of recycled hardware to choose from

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