Our good friends at Brick and Mortar Living asked if I would try using their butcher paper on a
 graphic transfer and this project ended up being the target. Until I write an article about it you will
have to look up other articles ppl have written on the process.

This project started as a vintage mahogany stereo cabinet I picked up a very long time ago. It was
 extra deep so I imagined the best way to repurpose it would be to turn it into a mini closet, but I have
 to give someone else the credit for pushing me to get the job done. A friend actually did a very
 similar one last month and it reminded me to get mine finished. So here it is ...
Another piece of quality furniture saved from the landfill and put back into use.
Here is a peak at what it looked like when I started.
I added the appliques, the knobs, and the legs.
I ripped out the insides and installed a rod and built a bottom for it.

I painted most of the inside white and the back boards were painted in the
 same blue as the outside. It adds a little something extra to the inside.

If used in a nursery, the rod can be used for hanging baby clothes
or the cabinet body is deep enough to house a printer.

The knobs I used on this cabinet can be purchased here:
The typography is old company invoices and letters I found on line.

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