FRENCH ARM CHAIR - blue and white

When I have a great French chair that needs a make over there are a few different directions I can take.
Below you can see how the chair looked before I started. I repaired the wiggly arms and I thought I might
 paint the fabric but I knew I wanted to paint the frame. Once I sprayed the frame in white, the fabric color
popped and looked really nice against the white. That's when I realized cleaning the upholstery was an option
that had been forgotten. In this day and age and in my profession this starts to look like a long lost technique
reserved for my mother's generation. The fabric had been taken taken care of and a good cleaning was all
 that was needed to freshen it up. 


I painted the nail heads and trim then lightly distressed the frame to show a bit of the original dark finish.
I chose to wet distressed so I wouldn't sand through the walnut stain that had been used years before.
Underneath a spring needed some adjustments due to a strip of the burlap webbing coming un-nailed,
so I fixed all that then I stapled a new piece of striped vintage fabric across the bottom of the chair.


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1 comment:

  1. Great job! The chair looks good and you didn't have to take out fifty million stapes-which is always a win.
    Have a good weekend




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