Yippee ... Friday has arrived and for most a relaxing weekend is ahead of you.
I also have this perfect shabby white french sideboard ready for someone to pick up
this weekend and add to their home. It is not easy to find good frenchy sideboards around here
that are also quality solid wood. This one is a MALCOLM piece.
 I finished it in a creamy white with plenty of rustic distressing.
I want that serious look of time worn use in a country home.

We had a bit of a date night last night and really enjoyed the time together and the relaxing.
So we will not be venturing too far from home this weekend and we will do a little more of that
relaxing time in between customer visits and tours.
If you want to stop by give us an email or a call.
driftwoodesign@shaw.ca or 604 790 3865
Have a great Weekend!



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For those of you who paint ...
Hands up who puts off waxing this kind of project ????
If you look around the audience (play along) most hands are raised high, including mine.
Painting intricate wood work, turnings, and spindles is bad enough but then we have to wax them,
When we look at a project as a whole it becomes daunting and undoable, so instead of getting up and starting we flip the channel to watch another DIY show and say quietly to ourselves we could do that if we wanted to.
I break the job down in my head to manageable sections.
Start with the top and when you're finish with the top walk away and do something else.
The important part is to plan that from the beginning so your mind thinks you are finish.
Maybe a few hours later or a day or two you do it again with another section of the project.
We all excel when our goals are achieved, the smaller your goals the more often you can achieve them.
Does this sound strange or silly?
This is what I have done for years to get through complicated tasks.

I have gotten to the point where I don't need to walk away for long,
just a quick water or email break, but in my mind as each section is completed
I feel the fulfilment of being done and it's on to the next job.
And before I know it I have created another piece of beautiful furniture.



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I took an old record storage table and did a 2 color paint layering to get a fun shabby chic finish.

The original table was stained in a dark finish, that is the best possible base for really great looking
distressed pieces. The first color I applied on that was a soft spanish moss green, the second coat was
 a bright white. Both paints were ASCP, but the green was a spur of the moment mix.

I find if you start to distress a layer paint project soon after drying the colors seem to come off together and too quickly with too much of the bottom layer not staying put, so I leave the paint to
really set up and dry for a few days so the first layer doesn't sand away as quickly.

I've had several ppl who have tried the process talk to me about the same issues,
so it does seem to be a common issue.
Alternatively you could wax the first coat before applying the second color,
this would ensure it would hold better when sanding.


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I have been waiting since last August to show you that I painted my bathtub with
ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT and a recent photo shoot has aloud me to share it with you now.
I didn't want to tell you back when I first did it because it was new and fresh and clean and who
 knows if it would hold up over time.
Well almost a year later and it has held up perfectly, fyi we are in and out of the shower every day.
doesn't it look amazing now?             and here it is 5 years ago
Plz understand I just painted the outside, not the inside of the tub where the water is.
I brushed the first coat on and left it for a day or so because it is very fragile when drying on
such as smooth porcelain finish. I then waxed it and added a second coat.
Yes you can paint ASCP right over the wax!!!
I smile from ear to ear everytime I walk past that room and don't see that harvest gold anymore!

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A crystal lamp, a stack of vintage sheet music, an orchard basket, and a vintage chair with table,
all these things represent romantic flea market style.

What could be more romantic than a turn of the century white press back chair?

The name Press Back actually means exactly that.
The pretty detail in the chair back has been pressed into the wood with an etched metal plate.
The process came about in the late 1800's as a cheap and quick answer for retailers.
Stores like Sears or Larkin could now make decorative furniture to compete with the intricate
carvings of the mid-century.  Now the press back chairs that have survived over the years are quite
 sought after especially for shabby chic decorating.

I have re-enforced the chair, and I built the table from parts.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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I spend a great deal of time and labour rebuilding fun and useful furniture from salvaged items
and sometimes the items wouldn't be possible without first being donated for a new purpose.


This amazing red bench originally was a donated headboard and footboard
from Carrie Thachuk owner of The Passionate Home.


It was a dark stained solid oak mission style bed her daughter had used at one time.
With the addition of some more salvaged wood, and several hours of painting and waxing
she is now the perfect entry / hall bench or dining bench as the back side is also finished.

I used:
2 seat boards & 4 cross struts for the ends 
base coat ASCP white, 2nd coat flat black spray paint, top color ASCP Emperor's Silk
sanded with 120 grit, waxed and polished with Minwax paste finishing wax

The Passionate Home is about to celebrate their 7th year with a Birthday Flea Market right inside the store.
FYI, I stopped in for some paint yesterday and saw the amazing treasures being brought out.
This is one sale you do not want to miss,
I started making all sorts of funny noises with each different item I saw the chance to own.

Lots of ornate frames, a tall set of lockers, fancy glass wear, candle holders, orchard baskets, cheese box, wash stand cabinet, french provincial dining set with hutch, vintage baking pans, suit cases, local vintage life preserver, old typewriter and table, dental table, iron stone, 2 large vintage gates / doors, shutters, half a dozen shoe stretchers, beautiful china, science beakers, dress mannequin, lamps, antique brass candle sconces, Victorian oil lamps, DIY chairs, guilded mirrors, mason jar, misc silver trays and kitchen wares, tool caddies, antique irons, and more.

Congratulations Miss Carrie, not very many small business owners gets to celebrate 7 years.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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