I took an old record storage table and did a 2 color paint layering to get a fun shabby chic finish.

The original table was stained in a dark finish, that is the best possible base for really great looking
distressed pieces. The first color I applied on that was a soft spanish moss green, the second coat was
 a bright white. Both paints were ASCP, but the green was a spur of the moment mix.

I find if you start to distress a layer paint project soon after drying the colors seem to come off together and too quickly with too much of the bottom layer not staying put, so I leave the paint to
really set up and dry for a few days so the first layer doesn't sand away as quickly.
I've had several ppl who have tried the process talk to me about the same issues,
so it does seem to be a common issue.
Alternatively you could wax the first coat before applying the second color,
this would ensure it would hold better when sanding.


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